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It’s a Classic

Recently, I’ve been reading a few different classics. I don’t think anyone cares what I have to say about them, so I won’t give them their own review. But I need content, so I’m wrapping them all up into one post.

Explaining My Review Grades

As I continue to review books and enjoy doing that, I thought it was important to give a brief overview of how I review books and what my rating system even means.

One Stupid Thing Review

One Stupid Thing is a young adult thriller by Nashville based writer, musician, and professor named Stewart Lewis. For me, it was the almost book. So many interesting concepts were established, but did it pan out like I hoped?

Definitive Harry Potter Character Ranking

I finally take a stab at ranking most of the prominent characters in the Harry Potter series based on their literary merit. Did I slander your favorite or do you think this is generally okay? Let me know.

One of Us is Lying Review

One of Us is Lying, the debut Young Adult suspense novel from Karen McManus, is highly recommended and cherished. Does it live up to the hype? Is it the great mystery of the decade?

The Ultimate Book Tag

I take a stab at a classic book tag. Here are my opinions that no one asked for about some random book and reading based questions. Enjoy.

The Fortunate Ones Book Review

The Fortunate Ones is a novel about my hometown, Nashville, written by a Nashville native. It is a novel that seeks to examine a lot of issues. Does it do that well or did Tarkington miss the mark?


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