Short Stories

The Last Will and Testament of Reginald von Elbin

A faithful servant watches as his late master’s ungrateful children meet to divide his belongings and rehash past hurt

Because of the Clovers

The owner of the “haunted” house in town learns that it can’t be all that bad.

This story won a Creative Expression Award for Prose from Middle Tennessee State University

A Lit Match in a Tinderbox

A man stumbles upon a strange AI program with the power to give him anything he wants but quickly learns that’s far too much power.

This is a modern retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale The Tinder Box

The Garden in the Attic

A girl finds solace, hope, and life in forgotten places

Immense and Alive

The moon responds to its power being summoned

Other Published Stories:

“The Doppelganger” in The Antihumanist Magazine. This magazine is no longer in operation.

“Growing Older Alone” in Jersey Pines Ink. This story won third place in a competition but is no longer available on the site

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