The Incubator House

Young Adult Thriller

Baker wants to be a YouTuber. It’s all he’s ever wanted. When the Incubator House, a company designed to build YouTube careers, offers him a chance to realize those dreams, he leaps at the opportunity. But he quickly learns something is terribly wrong when the Incubator House won’t let him leave. Baker and the other kidnapped creators are forced to continue making videos for the Incubator House while trying to stay relevant, or else they will get “burnt out” and vanish completely. Can Baker get out of this YouTube hell? Can his mom find him in time?

The Incubator House is a 72,000 word Young Adult Thriller told from two perspectives: Baker and his mother. It is a relevant and timely story that speaks to the potential dangers of a modern teenage dream.

The King’s Stone

Young Adult Fantasy

At birth, every child in the small village is given a unique stone. On their 16th birthday they are sent, alone, into the ancient forest with one goal in mind: make it to the King’s Palace and place your stone in the King’s Fountain. Completing this challenge will give them a special power they can use to become famous and important. As Sean of Wentworth steps into the forest, he must battle horrible monsters, his own self-worth, and magic he has never seen before. Sean may be headed towards a better life than he could ever dream of, but only if he can complete the challenge.

The King’s Stone is a 52,000 word young adult fantasy novel that speaks to the power of accepting help you could never deserve.


Young Adult Thriller

Weston is trying to survive the final few months of high school when he is introduced to The List: a music playlist with 10 million followers curated by an anonymous music aficionado. Weston falls in love with The List and the mysterious StarsinHerEyes02 who created it until one day The List is abruptly deleted. Now, Weston must trace obscure clues to hunt down the world’s most famous music lover. This chase takes him, his best friend, and the girl he is madly in love with, on a road trip to a small town in Kentucky where they come face to face with exactly what made StarsinHerEyes delete the list.

StarsinHerEyes02 is a 67,000 word young-adult mystery/thriller that focuses on the risks of obsession in the digital age. This story attempts to give validity to the strong emotions teenagers feel that are often downplayed by the adults in their lives.

The Collector

Soft Sci-Fi

As an independent contractor for the largest and most intimidating galactic empire in history, The Collector is paid to abduct life forms from underdeveloped planets for scientific study. When The Collector captures Polly Washington, a human from Nashville, his life starts to change as he is forced to face the cruelty of his actions. No longer a loner, The Collector and Polly are thrust into a political power struggle between the galactic empire and a kingdom that has remained secret for centuries. This journey will take them to exotic planets, introduce them to eccentric characters, and force The Collector to confront the secrets and pain in his past.

The Collector is a 90,000 word space opera science fiction that is intended to be part one in a trilogy. It features a man’s search for identity and belonging in a universe far too large for him.

Gates of Hades

Western Sci-Fi

Adams Rucker is imprisoned, without a trial, for over a year in a tiny cell after a robbery went terribly wrong. Adams is approached by a charismatic, but sly, Senator who offers him freedom in the form of a new rehabilitation initiative. After accepting, Adams steps into a mysterious arch and is transported into the future, but this new world is different. Aside from the world being mostly a desert with a few scattered villages, in this new America morality is completely flipped. What Adams considers the right thing to do, is now illegal and morally reprehensible. As Adams navigates and learns the new rules, he is thrust into a power struggle between the rebels, who hold to the old sense of right and wrong, and the Bureau who champion the new morality. 

Gates of Hades is a 100,000 word Western inspired Science Fiction novel that examines what it is like to hold to what you believe to be right in the face of great adversity.

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